Me trying snorkeling (with my mom), in the ocean, in a two-piece. Normally a total no for me.

Even though the first part of June is done and gone – and I’ve already dealt with some pretty tremendous events so far – I’m looking forward to accomplishing my goals this second half.

My best friend is getting married and the trip we’ve been talking about, planning for and literally obsessing about for the past 14 months has arrived. The goal for this trip? Besides not making fool of myself while giving a speech (at what time?!) to 120+ people? Completely let go.

Let go of the stress and anxiety. Let the planner, the worry wart, and the spaz take the back seat (or the trunk) for this ride. Enjoy every scene, every conversation, the drinks, dinners, desserts and embrace this wonderful gift of a vacation that has been hand to me – and my family. Also, try lots and lots of new things – meat included! It’s not that I don’t adhere to this mantra on all vacations, but I think it’s important to remind yourself of this often before and during a trip.

One last goal, Instagram the shit out of this vacation. It may be the best and biggest one for a while…