retro spring dress.  I’m absolutely dying for Spring over here. I’m over tights and scarves and the bitter cold mornings. I just want to slip on a sundress and get my bare legs under those warm rays. Until I can do that, this dress takes me to that place.

wraparound watch.  Yeah, I know, I already have a gold watch. But, let’s be real, one just isn’t enough. And I bet this would fit perfectly in one of those little plastic Easter eggs. I wouldn’t even ask for multiple eggs, just one!

JT’s 20/20 experience.  Mike was the most awesome boyfriend to surprise me with this CD earlier this month. Not gonna lie, it contains some baby-making music…but also some excellent Motown-style jams and I just can’t get enough of!

illustrated coffee cups. 
Aren’t these cups killer? I am fantasizing about all the different
designs I could create to cover to-go coffee cups…Wouldn’t that be a
super cute idea for cups at a wedding hot chocolate bar? Obviously I’m
getting a little ahead of myself here. Also, check out this blog in
general, great inspiration and beautiful design with every post!

cadbury mini eggs.  I have a love/hate relationship with these little sweets. I love them to death and hate that I can’t stop after 3 (or 4, or 7). It’s really the only Easter candy I can’t live without (and does anyone find it a little disturbing to know that Cadbury is owned by Hersey?).

bling band.  I think there comes a time when you deserve to treat yourself to something very pretty and extra nice. And I think this ring could do the trick! Super cute and dainty, if there ever comes a day when I actually have a real wedding ring, it would stack nicely. Okay, so two eggs in the Easter basket, the watch and this ūüôā