My dad turned 70 on January 6th. So what do you do for a guy who has (more than) everything he could possibly need? Throw him a surprise birthday party, of course.

Custom birthday invitations

My sister and I started the planning process back in October. Venue, food, guest list, invites, decor, photo props: check. The ultimate surprise plan: check. A massive snowstorm that shut down the whole East Coast and cancelled all flights: check. A super sick mom who couldn’t pick you up at the airport after your super delayed flights: check. A dad who wasn’t at his favorite hangout nor at his house when we arrived at 12:30 am to surprise him: check. Wait, what?!

Yes, anything that could have gone wrong did. But there’s nothing that will stop two determined Grove Girls with big plans. And it was all worth it to see the look on my dad’s face when he came home to find me and my sister sitting at his kitchen table. Then again, the tears of happiness in his eyes when he walked into a room of more than 40 friends and family.

A few of my favorite accents from the party were these custom party hats I made. The template is below, putting two to a page creates a small, but good size hat for everyone. I used elastic cording and glued them together with hot glue. I also updated this bachelorette party invite for my dad’s party. I have to say I’ve gotten quite a lot of miles out of this design!


finished hats – six varieties total