Occasionally I do things other than cooking and felt flowers. And by occasionally, I mean every day I design things. Signage, brochures, invitations, flyers, marketing plans, billboards….and so on.

And while we’re being honest here, I’m also a keep-it-on-the-down-low-Tone It Up-er. As cheesy as some of it may be, the workouts, change of pace and corniness of it all have kept me motivated the past seven months! The new spring challenge starts on Monday and instead of paying the $12 (plus S+H) for the branded workout journal, I made my own! Cue the graphic skills.

It can be yours too, for free! Here’s the deal.

  1. Download the PDF. 
  2. Print one copy of page 1.
  3. Print eight copies of pages 2-5 .
  4. Cut all of the pages in half (hamburger style :).
  5. Lay your cover page (i.e. workout planner) face down.
  6. Then arrange as follows:
    • get busy
    • monday
    • tuesday
    • wednesday
    • thursday
    • friday
    • saturday
    • sunday
  7. Repeat until you have all the pages in order.
  8. Head to your local UPS Store (or similar business center) and ask the nice ladies (or men) to ‘bind’ it for you. My UPS store only charged me $2.20 (+tax).